The Need for
Organizations face a variety of challenges when developing a Night Vision Goggle program, not least of which is understanding what is required to plan and implement a Night Vision Program (NVIS). Educational information about night operations programs is fragmented and hard to come by. Accessing, analyzing and processing all the information required can be a time-consuming and expensive task.
Why was it created? is website developed to contribute to industry by providing easy access to the education and resources needed to implement night vision goggles (NVGs). The mission for this project is to help “advance night vision safety through education”, helping to build confidence and capability in night vision operations. The ultimate goal is simple: to encourage peer to peer training, education and awareness resulting in enhanced efficiency, effectiveness and safety in night operations and prevent the unnecessary, costly loss of lives and equipment associated with improper night vision goggle (NVG) use.
What it is? is a comprehensive, resource site created to help organizations that want to implement or enhance a new or existing night vision system program (NVIS). The site was created, and is maintained, by Night Flight Concepts working in partnership with government authorities, industry associations and corporations to assist organizations worldwide streamline the program planning and encourage safe, effective NVG use.
Reasons to Leverage NVG
Save Time and Money.    
Navigating and understanding all the information required for researching, planning and implementing night operations programs can be a time-consuming and expensive task. The site is a free educational online resource that provides a single, centralized information source for NVG educational information.
Implement NVGs Standard – with greater ease and confidence.    
    The site is an educational resource area created by NVG industry experts to help organizations worldwide to streamline NVG program planning. It provides access to critical information required to safely and successfully implement NVGs to industry and government standard.    
A Single Source for NVG Safety    
    A comprehensive, all-inclusive website designed to facilitate NVG adoption and operational sustainability to NVG operators providing value-added assistance to the end user, from development to execution of an NVG program.    
Easy Access to Critical Information    
    The site is broken down into the key NVIS program areas to help organizations understand the government regulations and standards required for different elements of implementing an NVIS.    
Supports Best Practices    
    The site augments government and industry organization regulations and bulletins with educational information shared by industry organizations about experiences and recommendations to help encourage industry best practices.    
An Evolving, Expanding Resource
The website has launched with core information required to help organizations get started. Information will continued to be gathered from government, industry and non-profit sources to build on this foundation of knowledge to enhance the website over time.

If you have questions, comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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