In this section, you will find regulations on the use of NVGs. The FAA was the first regulatory agency to provide regulatory oversight of NVG use. As other regulatory agencies (CAAC, DGAC, JAA, etc) implement NVG oversight, will update this information.

NVG Definitions    
    FAR 61.1 (12-13) NVG Definitions    
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Pilot Training Requirements    
    FAR 61.31(K) NVG Pilot Training Requirements    
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NVG Flying Hours    
    FAR 61.51 (F) Logging of NVG Pilot Time    
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Pilot Experience Requirements    
    FAR 61.57 (F) NVG Recent Pilot Experience Requirements    
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Aircraft/Equipment Requirements    
    FAR 91.205 NVG Aircraft/Equipment Requirements    
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NVG Guidance    
    FAR Part 135 NVG Guidance Document from FAA Order 8900.1    
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ASU Part 135 Legal Interpretation    
    Legal interpretation for vendor NVG training    
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NVG Regulations Australia    
    CASA (Australia) NVG Regulation Document    
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