This section contains information provided by NVG regulatory authorities other than regulations to include bulletins and reports.
Special Emphasis Inspection of Night Vision Imaging System Lighting Installations    
Federal Aviation Administration.
Effective Date: 4/29/11.
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FAA Safety Alert for Operations (SAFO) – Maintenance of Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS).    
    Federal Aviation Administration.
December 15, 2010.
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MMEL GLOBAL CHANGE, PL-127 is designated as GC-166    
    Federal Aviation Administration
June 7, 2010
New Section 61.31 (k) That Requires Night Vision Goggles Training Endorsement and    
    Qualification for Pilots and Flight Instructors    
    Federal Aviation Administration
November 3, 2009
DOI Flight Helmet Safety Alert    
    US Department of the Interior, Aviation Management
Jan 26, 2006
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