This section contains information provided by NVG trainers, operators, and maintainers to include publications, white papers and articles.

Laser-Strike Protection Sought    
  Source: AeroSafety World
September 2013
Night Vision Imaging Systems: A Mechanic's View    
  Source: HeliMx (
June-July 2012

Night Vision: Defining the Differences    
  Source: Adam Aldous & David Luke: NVG Safety
March 2011
Two Crew or not Two Crew: An NVG Dilemma    
  Source: Rotorcraft Professional
Volume 4: Issue 1




Instrument Systems Maintenance Concept    
    Source: HeliMx Magazine
Oct/Nov 2010
Night Vision Handbook    
Source: Shepherd
Information and reference source for the night vision community. A useful guide to equipment for military, parapublic and civilian users.
(2010. 2010 pending)
ALEA Night Vision Feature Edition    
    Source: Air Beat
July 2010
Night Vision The Need For Training    
    Source: Frontline
May/June 2010
FAA Publishes New Rules for NVGs    
    Source: Vertical Magazine
Aug 29, 2009
Pinpointing the Problem - Laser strikes are an increasingly common hazard to aviation, and to    
    parapublic helicopter operators in particular.
Source: Vertical Magazine
May 5, 2009
ALEA Night Vision Feature Edition    
    Source: Air Beat
March - April 2005
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